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ITCE’13 Promotional Visitor Campaign:

As long as trade visitors are the magic key behind the success of our shows, ACG - ITF Trade Fairs is launching an extensive campaign to attract more trade visitors from all over the MENA countries. The campaign is dedicated not only to increase the number of visitors but rather to attract visitors from more countries, more specialized sectors, and of course more decision makers.

A dedicated professional PR agency is hired to ensure this task being accomplished in the best professional way for the whole MENA countries. With extensive experience in such kind of specialized exhibitions, ACG - ITF is adopting integrated campaign for  ITCE’13. The massive promotional campaign includes targeted visitor mail outs, newsletters, exhibition website, trade associations and chambers, the key trade publications, and even street signage.

The campaign is expected to attract more than 30,000 visitors throughout the region including: Algeria -  Bahrain - Cyprus - Egypt - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Libya - Morocco - Oman - Palestine - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - South Africa -Syria - Sudan - Tunisia - Turkey - U.A.E and Yemen.

The following are some guidelines of the campaign :

  • Editorials and advertisements in key newspapers all over the MENA region.
  • Editorials in local and international trade magazines.
  • ITCE’13 web site promotion.
  • 30,000 trade visitor invitations to potential visitors from the MENA region.
  • 5,000 VIP invitations hand delivered to leading businessmen and VIP's in Egypt.
  • Direct mailing to our database contacts of the MENA region.
More Exhibitors Participation at ITCE’13:

To ensure sustainable success for ITCE brand of exhibitions, the organizers operate a global network of contacts with overseas agents and worldwide associations. The main target of our international Sales Department is not only to attract more exhibitors, but rather to bring in the latest industry technologies world.

ITCE’13 will be promoted to exhibitors through:

  • A worldwide network of specialized agents.
  • Overseas associations promotion to leading manufacturing members.
  • Governmental and local associations sponsorship and promotion.
  • Experts participation to discuss up-to-date issues affecting the industry and new ways to become more efficient.