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Be Out of the Box and Maximizing Your Brand Awareness with ITCE Communication Tools:

In order to enable your organization to attain the foremost from the event, you should catch the eye before, during and after the show. Your attendance at the exhibition is not ample to display your products and services. This is because the more your company name, products and services are apparent and evident, the more potential and appropriate visitors you will have and thus enabling your organization to enhance its investment situation.

ITCE’13 provides you with a wide range of eminent opportunities to actuate your message home, underpin your activities and situate you out of the crowd. It will confer your company the opportunity to compete with many distinguished organizations to allure potential visitors.

Before the event:
It will be an advantage for your company to draw the visitors' attention of its presence before the show and enhance them to seek for you and make sure that you are in the list of the potential visitors. This can be achieved through your banner and hyperlink at the exhibition website.

During the event:
On-site during the event, there will be a variety of opportunities for your organization to display itself, its products and services in an eminent presentation to attract visitors to your stand and reinforce them to remember you afterwards. Promotions at the show reminds customers to your presence and strengthen your sales message and brings about business to your stand. Consider your logo printed on invitations as a sponsor, on-site banners, floor advert signs leading to your stand or on-site advertising boards.

After the event:
Although that your time will be occupied during the show hindering you from meeting all the potential customers, visitors will still see your adverts after the show in the Exhibition Catalogues.

By affiliating your company with ACG - ITF Trade Fairs, the leading exhibition organizer in the Middle East and North Africa, you will enjoy several benefits such as promotional activities, PR and co-branding in mailings.
For sponsorship opportunities, please refer to Sponsorship